How to Apply NBI Clearance Online with these easy steps

For those who are having a hard time doing their NBI Clearance application online, we’ll teach you how to do it easily with these steps.

This online NBI Clearance application lessens the hassle. You don’t need to go to the nearest NBI branch to fill out forms and make payment. All you need to do is register and fill out the online form, make payment, and that’s it. You will only have to go to the branch for your fingerprint scan and photo shoot to finalize your application. So it saves time.

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So, here are the steps on how to apply an NBI clearance from NBI official website:

1. Type on your browser and click ENTER.

NBI Clearance website

2. For users who have previously registered online, enter your the email used for registration including the password on the log-in form. For new users, go to registration page. Only one email account per person is allowed.

3. After filling the form, read the ‘Terms of Service’ carefully and click ‘I Agree’.

4. Read the ACCEPTANCE of TERMS and CONDITIONS first before clicking ‘I Agree’:

5. Fill out your Online Application form. See to it that all information are correctly, honestly, and completely filled out. READ ALSO: How to apply Philippine passport online on one day

Online NBI fill out form snapshot

6. Then click the ‘SAVE INFORMATION’ button.

After saving your info, application details will be shown to you. You may still edit them by clicking on the ‘EDIT INFORMATION’ icon.

7. Click on the ‘APPLY FOR CLEARANCE’ button to continue.

Apply for clearance button nbi

You will be prompted to require your Application Type ‘New’ or ‘Renew’. ‘New’ for new applicants and ‘Renew’ for expired NBI clearance certificates.

8. Enter your valid ID. For renewals, you may enter your NBI ID number found on your expired NBI clearance certificate.

9. Click the ‘I Agree’ button.

After clicking ‘I Agree,’ you will be given an Important Reminder info. Read this carefully. It is available in Tagalog and English languages.

Tagalog option nbi online form

10. Click ‘Okay’.

11. Now, select the NBI Branch where you want your NBI clearance to be processed.

12. Choose date of your appointment from the blue shaded boxes which indicates vacant slots. Choose AM or PM.

Date option nbi online application

13. On the ‘Payment Information’ section, fill out the corresponding requirement. Select the Purpose of your Application and the Detail.

Read important ‘Notes’ in the ‘Payment Information’ section before choosing your payment option.

NBI payment option

Here’s what it will show on your screen if you click ‘BANKS OVER THE COUNTER’:

nbi online bank payment

For Over the Counter, you will need to go to accredited banks like Metrobank, BDO, BPI, RCBC, Landbank, Eastwest Bank, Chinabank, UnionBank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank (PNB), Security Bank, Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and among other banks to pay your NBI Clearance.

Over-the-Counter payment will require a service fee. Amount varies from 40 Pesos to 100 Pesos, depending what bank you prefer.


bank online nbi form

For Online Banking, you can use apps that will be used from your smartphone like BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access one, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect. You will also be charged 40 Pesos to 100 Pesos, depending on the bank.


nbi online application snapshot from official website

Mobile Payment also requires payment through GCASH Outlets or Globelines Payment and Services Centers, Globe Business Centers, and others. A service fee will be also be charged.


NBI clearance bayad center form

For BAYAD CENTER payment, you can got to Bayad Center outlets or LBC, Robinsons, eBiz, and other Bayad Center partners. Again, a service fee will be charged.

Applicants must pay the exact amount of the fees according to the kind of application.

You need not to worry about the prices because they will appear immediately once you select the purpose of your NBI Clearance application.

Here’s a reference for clearer info about the fees:

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes:

  • For Deportation: 115 Pesos
  • Immigration Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Passport Renewal: 115 Pesos
  • School Visa: 115 Pesos
  • Self Deportation: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Abroad: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Africa: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Asia: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Australia: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Canada: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Central America: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Diego Garcia: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Dubai: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Europe: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Hong Kong: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Libya: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Micronesia: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Middle East: 115 Pesos
  • Travel New Zealand: 115 Pesos
  • Travel North America: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Palau: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Papua New Guinea: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Qatar: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Saipan: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Singapore: 115 Pesos
  • Travel South America: 115 Pesos
  • Travel Taiwan: 115 Pesos
  • Travel USA: 115 Pesos
  • VISA Australia: 115 Pesos
  • VISA Canada: 115 Pesos
  • VISA China: 115 Pesos
  • VISA New Zealand: 115 Pesos
  • VISA Seaman: 115 Pesos
  • VISA Seawoman: 115 Pesos
  • VISA USA: 115 Pesos

NBI Clearance for Local Purposes

  • ACR Requirement: 415 Pesos
  • Adoption: 165 Pesos
  • BID Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Business Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • CA Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Cancellation of ACR: 415 Pesos
  • Change of Gender: 115 Pesos
  • Change of Name: 165 Pesos
  • Correction of Birthdate: 115 Pesos
  • DOT Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Enlistment AFP: 115 Pesos
  • Enlistment PNP: 115 Pesos
  • Firearms License: 165 Pesos
  • For Probation: 115 Pesos
  • For Promotion: 115 Pesos
  • ID Purposes: 115 Pesos
  • Lateral Entry: 115 Pesos
  • Local Employment: 115 Pesos
  • LTO Requirement 115 Pesos
  • Marriage Requirement: 115
  • Naturalization: 415 Pesos
  • NFA Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • NSO Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • NTC Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • Other Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Permit to Carry Firearms: 165 Pesos
  • PNP Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • POEA Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • PRA Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • PRC Requirement: 115 Pesos
  • Repatriation: 415 Pesos
  • Seaman’s Book: 115 Pesos
  • Seawoman’s Book: 115 Pesos
  • SEC Requirement: 165 Pesos
  • Special Investor Residence Visa: 165 Pesos
  • SSS Requirement: 415 Pesos
  • Student VISA: 415 Pesos

After choosing your payment option and completing the payment details, you will be prompted to this page:

nbi clearance application form online clarex

12. To verify the status of your application, you may click on the ‘Transaction’ button at the left side of the page.

After making payment to your preferred payment option, check your email for payment confirmation or click ‘Confirm Payment’ at the ‘Status’ column of the ‘Transactions’ window.

You may click on the ‘Payment Instruction’ at the Message column of the Transactions window for further instructions.

So, there you go. Your NBI Clearance application is done.

You can now go to your preferred NBI branch for your fingerprint scanning and photo shoot.

Let me know if your application has been successful or not from the comments below. If you are having problems or want to ask me some questions, just leave them below.

{Reference: NBI}

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25 thoughts on “How to Apply NBI Clearance Online with these easy steps”

  1. Hi. What should be done if I lost my expired nbi clearance? I tried to apply for renewal online but cant go through since its been asking for nbi# found in the old nbi clearance. Should I apply for a new one? Thank u.

  2. Hi! Is it possible to go to another NBI Branch other than the one that’s been initially chosen during the enrollment? Thanks

  3. hi i made an appointment by may 18,because thats one of those which has available slots, but i want to go earlier, like may 17, because i have errands to attend to by May 18. is it ok to go there earlier? will it matter?

  4. Is it possible I can have it processed in the morning even though the schedule is in the afternoon?
    please reply, thank you….

  5. @Karen: I think you need to do the process all over again if you missed the appointment. Or you can call NBI hotline near your area for that inquiry.

  6. Hi,

    I miss my appointment, but wala silang reschedule. If you apply for another appointment you have to pay it again online. Does anyone try mgpareschedule?

    Please help.

  7. @Maki: Hi Maki. Try to go back to your account and check your status. If it requires you to make an appointment again, then do as per instructions in the website.

    If still doesn’t work, try to do do the same process all over again in NBI’s official website.

  8. I am having trouble applying for nbi clearance. I forgot my nbi id #. I lost my previos form too. And when i am trying to create a new says there that the email address i type in is already taken (of course, its taken by me.). Is there anyway on how can i retrieve my id #. Thanks

  9. Going to NBI branches is a lot easier than this stupid online system. Gets you too much hassle. NBI processing offline has improved. Better than have yourself stuck up in their website.

  10. eh indi naman taga NBI ang may ari ng blog nato. The owner of this blog is just sharing you tips on how to apply your clearance through its website. He has no control about your transactions and your accounts.

  11. @Noel @Sha @Ivon @Rez: Go to and try contacting the website’s admin through its contact page. The contact button is at the bottom of the page, the blue rectangle button.

    There you will be required to enter your name, e-mail, Mobile No, subject of your concern, and your message/concern. I believe they will respond to you accordingly through your email or mobile number.

  12. do you have an idea why I can’t make it to the scheduling process? There seems to be a glitch in the payment section. Please help Nonoy.

  13. @Sha:

    Hi Sha. There should be a rescheduling of your appointment since you’ve already paid. Just show them the receipt of your payment to the NBI office and they should prioritize you because you came in there earlier than those who’ve just got their application online.

  14. The admin doesn’t even care about the users’ concerns about their NBI clearanances. If you really care about our problems, you should respond to us.

  15. My appointment for the nbi clearance was on July 7, 2015 AM. But, it happened hat i wasn’t able to claim it that day because i had to collect other requirements for my other applications. As the confirmation says, i was able to pay the bill on July 7, 2015 P.M. It will take an hour and a half for me to reach there. It was already out of the business hours so i decided not to go to the nbi branch i picked. Now, is their a way i could re-schedule it by this week, or tomorrow July 9, 2015 (specifically)? Again i have paid it already. For clarification, I hope a reply will be followed-up to me. Thank you.

  16. just wanna ask . what if i was able to goon the appointment time and day i am scheduled?

    hoping for your response

    thank you.

  17. @Jenn: Try to click the clickable ‘forgot password?’ link, and from there enter the email address you used when you register. A new password or a ‘password recovery’ link will be sent to your email.

    If that doesn’t work, try registering again using another email address.

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